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Bikini & kimono summer collection

Helen Bellart bring you the most trendy fashion alluring, crafted with thi highest quality materials handmade in Spain.

Discover the new line of swimwear & beachwear with unique designs based on original artwork painted by Helen Bellart.

Helen Bellart bikinis and kimonos are perfect for wearing in holiday and tropical destinations. Especially if you want to look spectacular and stand out from the crowd. These prints are not for the calm and tame, but for the edgy and wild woman.

Pair this bikini with pants and kimonos and matching accessories to create unique style.

Helen Bellart´s stylish kimono smooth touch and unique Blue Seahorse design is very comfortable and offer a easy wear for any occasion. You will fall in love with this awesome garment.

Animal print swimwear never goes out of style. It’s been around for ages and is a favorite for many - especially for animal print lovers.

Helen Bellart´s Seahorse patters are very popular and modern summer garments.

Blue Seahorse bikini available in online shop

This beachwear is created for the most sophisticated, vibrant, energetic and brave women all over the world!!!


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