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The idea to make a designer mask was for me spontaneous and came because health authorities are encouraging people to wear cloth face masks to guard against and slow the spread of the coronavirus. In many cities, wearing masks is now mandatory when going outdoors. In generally I don´t like to wear a masks that are using all our frontline workers and for this reason I just did some cotton mask with animal print for me and my friends.

I made few pieces of colorful, cheerful mask with the same designs like my summer collection and just shared some picture of them on my Facebook and Instagram and the reaction of my followers was so awesome that move me to make a different models designs.

All masks are patterned with my designs and are inspired in my artworks. The bright animal print has immediately sparked an interest on my clients.

Each mask comes with two layers – a protective outer layer based in print of Helen Bellart artwork and the second interior layer which is from cotton. Each mask include a filter. Two elastic straps are sewn to the ends of the mask. The design may vary according to the artwork.

Model of this mask: Orange Leopard

Model of this mask: Feline

Model of this mask: White Tiger

Model of this mask: Pink Leopard

Model of this mask: Pink Seahorse

Model of this mask: Exotic Leopard

Model of this mask: Exotic Garden

Helen Bellart designer mouth mask reusable and handmade in Spain.

If you like this design of your mask you can choose according to this print a dress or another accessory.

Level of protection: take in mind that fashion masks are not antiviral

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