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Luxury Resort Wear by Helen Bellart

Each summer season comes with beach-days, flowing dresses and luxurious resort getaways.

At the start of each summer season, Helen Bellart fashion brand launch her unique luxury resort wear collection, with featuring signature style and unique designs.

Green Seahorse Collection: Dress & Kaftan

Helen Bellart's resort wear offer all that a modern and stylish woman can possibly need when packing for a relaxing stay at a luxury resort, from high quality swimwear to chic, summer dresses.

Discover the new exclusive kaftan with lightweight semi-sheer chiffon and matching beachwear bikinis or swimsuit. Chiffon is a fabric that stands out for its delicacy, it is an airy and light fabric, with a very fine texture. Being breathable, it is an ideal fabric for summer and with the elegant and fresh prints of Helen Bellart it is a glamorous garment to wear every day.

Purple Peacock & Tiger Collection: Kaftan & Swimsuit

All Helen Bellar's clothes & beachwear are designed and produced in Spain with organic lycra and unique prints based in artworks.

Spring Collection: Dress & Kaftan

Spring Bikini

Spring long ruffle dress

This Black seahorse collection is elegant & casual available in different garments like kaftan, dress, swimsuit or bikini with matching accessories.

Black seahorse kaftan

Black seahorse long backless dress

Choose now your matching beachwear and cover ups!!!


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