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Helen Bellart is an international artist, born in Nitra, Slovakia; actually she is living between Vienna and Marbella.

She studied and attended artistic education of painting in Vienna. During her artistic growth, she learned new techniques for oil painting and acrylic. Helen referred to a self-taught artist who has created her own style.

Since 2012, Helen Bellart has been living in Zaragoza and Marbella, Spain. Her paintings have become even more expressive and varied since the move. The flair of the south evidently sparks her creativity. Fine brush strokes take turns with contoured reliefs striking an interesting contrast to the warm, cheerful colours.


The artist draws additional inspiration from her travels to New York, London, Vienna or Paris. The hustle and bustle and the multi-cultural charm of these metropolises fascinate her. Openness is the elixir of life for Bellart, who speaks seven languages: “I am constantly searching for new motifs and I observe the world around me with much love and attention. This keeps giving me new ideas, which I then realise on the canvas.” After a visit to the Venice Carnival she created an entire series, which offered a completely new interpretation of the topic of masks.


In 2015 Helen Bellart debuts in fashion market with a new concept: Her works are digitally transferred onto scarves made out of 100% pure Italian silk. A professional team of artisans in Barcelona cut and stitch each individual scarf by hand or turn it into a high-end handbag or some other accessory. All Helen Bellart’s products are handmade in Spain.


This distinctive style is liked by fashion-conscious women from all over the world. Especially well-loved are the brightly coloured floral and coral motifs. Sophisticated linking techniques make it possible to combine the silk scarves over and over again according to their size. The crown jewel of the current collection is the set comprising a clutch bag and a silk bracelet in popular designs.


These designer pieces are available in her online-shop and through a network of carefully chosen distributors in Spain, England, Italy and France, as well as in Canada, Australia and the USA. The demand for her pieces surprised the young artist, and reaffirmed her decision to walk the untrodden path: “My optimistic approach to life, my sense of humour and my pursuit of perfection and satisfaction are reflected in my Works.”


In spite of the success of her fashion label, painting remains her passion, says Bellart: “That’s where I find peace and strength. When I’m painting, I lose track of time and I lose myself in my world of art.”

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