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Latest Summer Collection by Helen Bellart

Summer encourages you to take vibrant, rich and bold colors that you should definitely wearing this summer and inspire yourself from the latest collection designed by Helen Bellart. We know that vivid colors are summer’s hottest trend and it can’t be missing in our wardrobe.

The Seahorse collection give a pop of playfulness, bring a peachy, coral palette with light blue and green colors that make a very good combination and give elegant touch to your summer wardrobe. Choose your favorite accessory between silk bracelet or choker that add an element of fun to your summer look.

Seahorse silk scarf 110x110cm & Infinity bracelet

Seahorse silk scarf

Seahorse Infinity bracelet

Seahorse silk choker- necklace

Feline silk choker- necklace

Seahorse silk scarf 45x45cm

The artist Helen Bellart all an icon of art with exclusive designs returns with new Feline summer collection 2018 of vibrant turquoise color combinated with animal print.The Feline collection will be absolutely the bestseller collection this summer. Turquoise accessory adds a pop of color to any look. The fashion experts named turquoise The Color of summer 2018. Combining the color Turquoise with animal print evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and amazing contrast with feline kingdom.

Feline silk scarf 110x110cm & Infinity bracelet

Wrap your Feline silk scarf 110x110cm into a sash belt

Feline silk scarf

Feline silk bracelet

Feline Infinity bracelet

Lady Butterfly silk scarf

The Lady Butterfly collection is an explosion of strong red-fuchsia colors and is ideal for a brave woman that like to attract attention. This collection turn up the heat with super hot red-pink feminine and all-around fabulous color perfect to pair your dress with must-haves and vibrant accessories like bracelet or necklace.

Lady Butterfly silk scarf 110x110cm & Infinity bracelet

Wrap your Lady Butterfly silk scarf 110x110cm into a sash belt

Give touch of elegance to your handbag with this amazing silk bracelet wrapped around the bag.

Lady Butterfly Infinity bracelet

Lady Butterfly silk choker necklace

Lady Butterfly bracelet

New Collection available in online shop

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