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Stunning Silk Top & Ideas how to wear it by designer Helen Bellart

Originality and exclusivity is a fundamental component by designer Helen Bellart because she understands the importance of Customer wants yet staying true to brand´s philosophy. And like usually Helen Bellart surprise us again with the new line and collection of silk tops.You will be amazed how versatile is this garment!

Helen Bellart´s timeless multifunctional silk tops offers a playful and easy way to accessories and outfit for any occasion. You can choose from 8 different models available with gold or silver chain.

You will fall in love with this piece for its versatility and can be worn day or night and styled for any occasion. To complement your outfit you can take a Savage silk bracelet like a combination with the same design of the top.

The fantastic thing is that you don’t have to worry about picking the right size because one size fits all.

You can wear this amazing top in many different ways and I will show you 6 of them:

1. Top- and T-shirt with the chain

The impressive thing about this top is that it is reversible and you can use it from both sides. It is just amazing!

This wonderful print “white tiger” on this silk top is made from artwork Savage painted by talented artist and designer Helen Bellart.

The material of this top is 100% silk/ saten and each piece is handmade carefully in Spain.

This silk top you can wear from both side only what you need to do is turning from one side to other and you will have a different design.

You can als wear it on top of your shirt.

When you remove the chain you can wear it in following ways:

2. Like a stylish belt

3. Neck scarf

4. Headkerchief

5. Hair scarf band

6. Accessory- Scarf for your bag

Helen Bellart eye-catching prints range from floral, butterflies, aquatic- corals, exotic womens and animals like a tiger or leopard.

The assortment of exclusive and unique pieces including scarves, bracelets, tops and dresses are made from delicate materials like silk and enhanced exceptional details tailored to accentuate a woman´s figure.

Every collection reflects a new thought and fantasy process and represents new design concept.

So if you are looking for a trendy and stylish garment don´t hesitate and order your favorite model by

The secret of Helen Bellart is always to provide a products of high quality and fashion at an affordable price.

She is continuous searching for new elements and balance between design and art, not only in originality and aesthetic of her collection, but also in the quality of its materials and the excellence in the finishing of every singular creations, which all are produced and handmade in Spain.

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