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The New Summer Collection is about women empowerment and luminous designs and fresh colours combined with intense yellow, blue and white animal print.

Feline Collection: long backless dress & infinity bracelet & earrings

Yellow Leopard Collection: silk top + pareo & infinity bracelet & ankle bracelet & earrings

This dress collection is emotional, sensual and favors the female silhouette and is easy to wear during all the day or also night. Pure Elegance with designs that are unique and very original.

In this Tropical garden Collection the women finds her feminine self in romantic. Tropical garden backless dress & hair scarf & infinity bracelet

Helen Bellart know that being different is an important requirement in the fashion market and for this reason she is bringing always design, creativity and huge of imagination with very personal style.

Savage Collection: backless dress & hair scarf & infinkity bracelet & earrings

Yellow Leopard Collection is only for powerful and brave woman with strong character. This Animal print you can wear perfectly in single look or combated with white, black or purple color.

The timeless beauty, elegance and source of inspiration…

Yellow Leopard collection: backless dress & silk choker

Helen Bellart´s stylish long dress with sexy and smooth touch with unique Seafloor design is very comfortable and offer a easy wear for any occasion. You will fall in love with this awesome dress. The Seafloor collection is combined with pastel rose & cold light blue colour and is ideal for playful and sensual women…

Ideal Beachwear to keep you glowing this summer….

Seafloor collection: silk top + pareo & infinity bracelet & ankle bracelet

Seafloor collection: long backless dress & infinity bracelet & silk choker

To complement your outfit choose a silk bracelet and earrings with the same dress design.

From inky blues and bio-luminous neon, to summer browns and seaweed greens, bright orange and fuchsia are an ideal colours for Summer 2020 displaying depth and complexity. In Blue Iris collection the colour harmonies and cross-fertilization step forward to display explosion of colour contrasts.

Blue Iris Collection: backless dress & silk choker & earrings

Blooming Iris Collection: backless dress & infinity bracelet

Choose and buy now your favorite piece from this new summer collection in online shop

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