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Blue Iris Collection & Must have Accessories for Spring 2019

In Blue Iris collection the color harmonies and cross-fertilization step forward to display explosion of color contrasts. From inky blues and bio-luminous neon, to summer browns and seaweed greens, bright orange and fuchsia are an ideal colors for Spring/Summer 2019 displaying depth and complexity.

Helen Bellart collection is mirroring the mood of spring 2019 and you can explore all color depths from cool blue watery shades to the warm orange and fuchsia. This collection offer a different of accessories like bracelet, chokers, earrings and scarves and variety of options how to wear it. Choose your favorite one and get ready for the amazing day.

Blue Iris silk top with removable silver or gold chain.

Try to wear this top also over your t-shirt and get ready your look.

Blue Iris Infinity silk bracelet available with silver or gold ring.

Blue Iris silk choker available with silver or gold ring.

You can wear this amazing versatile bracelet also like a accessory for your bag... When it comes to chic accessories, it's all in the details.

Discover the accessory must-haves that Helen Bellart created for this season and check out the new color combos with Blue iris collection that will help you this spring revamp your style ahead.

Blue Iris silk bracelet available with silver or gold ring.

Blue Iris Infinity silk scarf 45x45cm

Remove the chain from your top and tie it around the handle of your bag.

Blue Iris silk scarf 45x45cm

Blue Iris silk scarf 110x110cm & Infinity silk bracelet is the best combination!

Wearing the new blue iris collection you will feel confident and comfortable.

These bright colors adapt very well with any look also with the casual and makes you a fashion girl.

Modern beach vibe with Blue Iris collection

Helen Bellart´s stylish multifunctional reversible ( double sided) silk top with removable chain and unique design offer a playful and easy way to accessories and outfit for any occasion. You will fall in love with this awesome piece for its versatility. Combinate it with silk pareo in the same design and you will get an amazing beach look.

Choose and buy now your favorite piece from this new spring collection in online shop

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