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Have fun creating different and original look with the new Lucky Cat collection that will give you lot´s happiness and luck! This collection bring you a silk clothes and accessories like scarves, choker- necklaces, infinity bracelets.

I get inspired with my cat ”Chucky" that I found for coincidence one year ago on the street and I saved his life. I think this cat was very lucky because he found me and came in my life in the right moment. I always was a cat lover and I grow up with lots of cats. When I was child my mother had many cats and when I moved to the Spain I left my cat Lisa with my mother because I can´t take it with me. I believe lots in destiny and that Chucky came in my life is not a casuality. It is so amazing that Chucky is in my life and I am very happy and grateful for it.

I painted this artwork dedicated for all people they love cats like me and this collection should bring lot´s of luck in everybodys life. This artwork symbolize a happiness and luck because I painted expressively symbols of luck like ladybugs, lotus, orchids, clover... I painted also a crown to my cat because all we know that general felines are kings in the world of animals.

Infinity silk bracelet with silver ring

Silk bracelet with gold ring

Lucky cat silk choker necklace with silver ring

Silk scarf 110x110cm

Lucky cat silk Top & Pareo & Infinity bracelet

Lucky Cat silk scarf 45x 45cm

Discover the New Lucky cat collection in online shop and choose your favorite piece of accessory and wear it with love!

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