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The new Golf Lady collection was created by artist Helen Bellart because she get inspired from sunny Costa del Sol also known as the Costa del Golf – is the top destination for golf lovers and is full of golf courses. Helen is currently living here around this area and daily meet friends and people they are playing golf. And for this reason she decided to design and dedicated this collection for all elegant and classy women they playing golf and love to be chic also during they game. And because we all womens know when we feel good we can get better results.

All collection is based on her original and unique Golf Lady artwork that is painted oil on canvas.

Find the best selection of fashionable golf accessories with unique design to fit your personal style with scarves, clothes, bracelets and bags designed by artist Helen Bellart.

Golf Lady silk scarf 90x90cm & Infinity silk bracelet

The silk scarf and bracelet are very confortable to wear and this accessory will add definitelly color to your game.

Cover and care your hair during you are playing golf with this amazing scarf!

Golf Lady infinity silk bracelet with silver ring

All our products are made from high quality materials and handmade by spanish artisans. We are using only the best 100% italian silk.

Golf Lady silk scarf 45x45cm

You can wear this scarf also wrapped like a belt.

With amazing Helen Bellart silk bracelet you will play as good as you look. I am sure that You will be especially happy when you create a twosome with our Golf Lady silk bracelet.

Infinity silk bracelet is also ideal to wear like a accessory for your golf bag or handbag.

Golf Lady silk choker necklace available with silver or gold ring

Choose and buy your favorite piece from this New Golf Lady collection in our online shop

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