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Fall 2018 Collection Ready to wear

In the fashion world fall 2018 already has its color that will be ultra violet and designer Helen Bellart as always surprises us with its new amazing design called Purple animal print with an impressive print that will make you fall in love immediately.

Purple animal print silk dress

The new Helen Bellart autumn Purple Animal Print collection consists of: dresses, tops with removable chain in silver or gold, accessories such as handkerchiefs, necklaces or multifunctional silk bracelets and handbags. All products are made of 100% Italian silk and hand-made by Spanish artisans.

Purple animal print Infinity silk bracelet with silver ring

Purple animal print silk choker necklace with silver ring

This color, a type of dark violet, is the most complex of the colors, being a combination of red and blue, the ultra violet is excellent combined with both colors because they are two opposite colors that create a unique tone. It is very good also to combinate with the palettes of dark grays, black, and for a more shock and extravagant touch with bright colors like orange, green and yellow.

Purple animal print silk top available with removable chain in silver or gold color. This garment is so amazing because is multifuncional and could be wearing in many different ways like: strapless top (separate the chain from the top and use it like a necklace), neck scarf, headkerchief, belt, turban or like a accessory for your handbag.

You will fall in love with this piece for its versatility and can be worn day or night and styled for any occasion. To complement your outfit you can take a silk bracelet like a combination with the same design of the top.

This coming autumn- winter 2018 the animal print will become the trendiest print of the season. A dress, a top or a silk scarf is the easiest bet and a silk bracelet or a handbag is the ideal option to play with accessories.

Purple animal print silk scarf 110x110cm

Wrap your scarf into a chic sash belt!!!

Infinity silk bracelet is also ideal to wear like a accessory for your handbag.

Purple animal print stylish ankle bracelet

Purple animal print silk scarf 45x45cm

Purple animal print silk bracelet available with silver or gold ring.

Choose and buy your favorite piece from this new fall collection in online shop

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