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This awesome collection is elegant and more sensual than ever and this dress will be definitely the star garment of this season. The silk dresses designed by Helen Bellart invade the fashion world and are an infallible trend for all women who like to stand out with their style!

Sophisticated silk dress with very sexy designs in an asymmetrical version with floral or animal prints and bright colors that for sure you would like to have in your wardrobe this summer.

The trends of this year are bright vibrant colors, like yellow, fuchsia, turquoise or light blue with floral prints and asymmetrical butterfly cuts that show the dose of skin. Sexy necklines in the back, it's just about finding the model that feel best on your body.

The fantastic thing is that you don’t have to worry about picking the right size because is adjustable and one size fits all. To adjust this gorgeous dress to your size all you need to do is simply adjust the cord under your chest to your measure and make a knot and you can just enjoy this chic and casual dress.

The new collection of silk dresses is available in 6 different designs that are based on the artworks painted by artist Helen Bellart. So you're going to dress up in an authentic piece of art and not just any dress!

Model of the dress: SAVAGE

Model of the dress: HAWAII

Model of the dress: BUTTERFLY PARADISE

And the best thing to wear a silk dress during the summer season is that you will feel very light throughout the day. This silk dress will make it bearable and keep you cool! This material also gets transpiration and for this reason it is ideal to use it for a summer dress that will make it a very light garment.

Model of the dress: TIGER

Model of the dress: BLOOMING IRIS

​Model of the dress: BUTTERFLY

This exclusive silk dress with unique design will give you a happy mood. To complete your outfit choose the silk infinity bracelet and clutch bag with the same design of your dress, available in online shop

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