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Embellish your hat with a silk choker accessory designed by Helen Bellart

In this article I inspire you to decorate and embellish your hat by adding a piece of silk designer Choker with an infinity ring that gives a touch of elegance and makes your outfit stylish and you will look like a "Fashion Queen".

It's going to look like you have a new hat and you will like it because it will give you a touch of new style and design. In the market, most hats have a simple band that doesn´t look very elegant and chic and with this idea only with few minutes you can change it!

Change that band for accessories such as silk chokers, scarves or chains that express your personality.

Be creative and use your choker in different ways and wear it one day wrapped around your hat and an other day like a necklace or bracelet. It is fantastic idea!!!

The chokers designed by Helen Bellart are very original and unique because they are based on the artist's own works of art, so for this reason this is an real jewel! You can choose between 24 different models with spectacular designs and Infinity rings in gold or silver, I'm sure you'll fall in love with them and you'll like them because they're amazing.

Be an eye catcher and stand out from others on these gray days and put a silk choker or scarf to your look with colors that express your personality. Visit the online store

Hawaii silk choker with silver Infinity ring.

New collection pf silk bracelets just available in the online shop

Panther silk scarf 110x110cm and silk choker with Infinity ring

Panther silk choker with golden Infinity ring

All silk chokers, scarves and bracelets in this blog were designed by artist Helen Bellart. Check out all the new collection 2018

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