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Red Passion & Animal Print New Collection by Helen Bellart

Red passion or pasion for red? The red color is a highly visible color that is able to focus attention quickly and that’s why in many occasions women love to wear this color.

And for this reason The New 2018 Panther Collection is based by animal print with very explosive and vibrant red color. This color combination you can wear with many clothes.

Red makes a woman feel more powerful, boosting testosterone, but it also changes the perception others have” Passion” in every sense. Red is also the color linked to sexuality, desire and represents power and courage.

And mostly you will see to wear this color by powerful women with strong character. People wearing red are consistently rated as more attractive by others.

And for this reason I get inspired in this new collection by this vibrant and strong color.

Model of the scarf: Panther 110x110cm

Every elegant womens know that a silk scarf adds accent to any outfit and with this design you will surely become an eye-catcher. It’s also a wonderful and incomparable way to stay warm and stylish at the same time.

Scarves are one of the most versatile accessories for spicing up drab duds. But there are so many choices, it can seem too overwhelming to even try to wear one.

In the fashion world the red color always comes back and never disappears from the catwalks because it is a very desired color.

Be creative and wrapp your scarf into a stylish sash belt.

Panther Join Infinity silk bracelet with golden ring

Panther Join Infinity silk bracelet with silver ring

Panther silk bracelet with silver round ring

Embellish your bag with this amazing Panther silk scarf 45x45cm

Be seductive and choose this awesome silk scarf for every occasion that you like.

Give your look a special touch of elegance with this silk choker available with golden and silver ring:

Panther Choker Necklace with golden ring

Panther Choker Necklace with silver ring

All silk scarves and bracelets in this blog were designed by artist Helen Bellart. Check out all the new autumn collection 2017 in Online shop:

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