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Pure elegance with designer silk scarves by Helen Bellart.

A beautiful designer silk scarf can give a touch of elegance and charm to any bag and this season it will be absolutely a trend. Get inspired and tie a Helen Bellart scarf around your handbag and wear it with your favorite style.

Scarves are more than just an accessory. They provide us with the touch of color we need, they brighten up basic clothing. They can be mixed very easy with other accessories or a purse wrapped into a silk scarf. A colorful scarf will be eye catching and will divert the eyes from parts of our body we are not comfortable with. In other words, scarves can do miracles!

Model of this silk scarf: Butterfly 90x90cm

You will be fascinated with the creative aspect of designs created by the artist Helen Bellart and the artwork there is behind every beautiful silk scarf design.

The fabulous handmade and finely stitched fashion designer silk scarf will add the perfect accent to any outfit! With the vibrant print and wonderful colors it'll quickly become your favorite accessory.

Model of this silk scarf: Peacock mask 90x90cm

Helen Bellart express her creativity in every single piece of her accessories line through the amazing designs.

Model of this silk scarf: Butterfly 45x45cm

In this video I will show you a couple of ideas how you can wear a scarves and how you can take them.

A designer print silk scarf is definitely a must have for every woman’s wardrobe! This fantastic fashionable accessory is used when women want to add a touch of elegance to her outfit and and want to stand out with their style and like to attract everyone's looks! The Helen Bellart amazing silk scarves are simply an EYE-CATCHER.

Helen Bellarts fashion designer silk scarves and her various kinds of silk accessories you will need to complete your unique style.

Model of this silk scarf: Tiger 90x90cm

Model of this silk scarf: Tiger 45x45cm

Model of this silk scarf: Fall in Love 90x90cm

Model of this silk scarf: Fall in Love 110x110cm

Model of this silk scarf: Fall in Love 45x45cm

Timeless silk scarves offers a playful and easy way to accessories and outfit for any occasion: like a business meeting, dinner date or a glamorous night out It is a delight to a versatile and elegant woman’s wardrobe.

Helen Bellarts silk bracelet is a multifunctional accessory and you can wear it like a bracelet, necklace, choker or without ring like a pendant for your bag. It is amazing!

All Helen Bellarts silk scarves have unique and very original design and material is the best nature Italian silk.

You can choose from many models in my online store

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