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How to wear a Helen Bellart Join Infinity Silk Bracelet

I show you in few steps how you can wear a amazing stylish Join Infinity silk bracelet. Be different & be original with new elegant silk bracelet!!!

1. Step

2. Step

Fold the silk scarf into a triangle and then wrap it in a streak

3. Step

You can choose your Join Infinity ring in silver or gold.

​4. Step

Now we take the scarf and pass them into the holes of the ring and we slide it in half part of scarf

5. Step

6. Step

7. Step

Now we put it over the wrist and we take the two tips from the scarf and we help us with the fingers

8. Step

Now we tie them twice and so we have a tight knot, you need to make it with two hands


Click here to see a video how to wear a Join Infinity Silk Bracelet:

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All silk scarves and bracelets in this blog was designed by artist Helen Bellart. For more information please visit the Online shop:

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