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Fancy Idea How to wear a Silk Scarf like a Dress.

You deserve only the best and for this reason you should have some of exclusive silk scarves designed by Helen Bellart. Each single scarf is original and unique piece of art handmade from the finest 100% Italian silk.

Make your own dress in few steps using a silk scarf. It is so easy....

Coral Butterfly silk scarf 110x110cm

Coral Butterfly silk bracelet with silver ring.

I want to show you some fantastic ideas how to wrapp a stylish scarf with size 110x110 like a dress ….

Because all you need are:

1. A silk scarves with size 110x110cm

2.Hands that are capable of tying knots ;-)

3. A belt (and if you prefer you can make your own belt, self-made scarf belt ) you can see it in my blog Stylish Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf Belt.

Caught Butterfly silk scarf 110x110cm

Caught Butterfly silk bracelet with golden ring

Spring silk scarf 110x110cm

Dress up yourself with a scarf...

Spring silk bracelet with golden ring

Timeless multifunctional silk scarf offer a playful and easy way to accessories and outfit for any occasion: like a business meeting, dinner date or a glamorous night out.

It is a delight to a versatile and elegant woman’s wardrobe.

Colorful Corals silk scarf 110x110cm

I am sure that your friends will ask you “Where’d you get that great dress?” And you’ll have to answer with pride, “I made it by myself.

Colorful corals silk bracelet with golden ring

Leopard silk scarf 110x110cm

Leopard silk bracelet with golden ring

Exclusive Spring silk bracelet collection. For more information please visit my online shop

Helen at work....

All silk scarves in this blog were designed by artist Helen Bellart.

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