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Give a touch of color to your spring outfit with stylish Helen Bellart´s scarves.

Beautiful silk scarf can add touch of glamour to any outfit and this season will be absolutely a fashion trend wear a scarf on handbag and on wrist like a bracelet . Here some styling tricks for putting one on any handbag .

Blooming cherry tree silk scarf 90x90cm

One of the most interesting ideas on how to add color to a neutral outfit is with an amazing scarf.

Field of Poppies silk scarf 90x900cm

Do you need some ideas on how to add color to a neutral outfit and are you ready to experience a new vibrant designs? Try some of my ideas that I will show you in this blog.

New Colorful Corals silk scarf 90x90cmm

If you are like me that you don´t like to have many colors in your clothes and wardrobe but you like colors then you need absolutely some of trendy scarves to add to your daily look color .

The best thing of all this is that you can have very simple outfit and you will looks fabulous when you combinate colorful scarves with your clothes.

Thats it ;-)

New Caught Butterfly silk scarf 45x45cm

New Spring silk scarf 45x45cm

New Colorful Corals silk scarf 45x45cm

New Coral Butterfly silk scarf 45x45cm

New Colorful Corals silk scarf 90x90cm

Pink Peony flower silk scarf 90x90cm

Timeless multifunctional silk scarves offers a playful and easy way to accessories and outfit for any occasion: like a business meeting, dinner date or a glamorous night out It is a delight to a versatile and elegant woman’s wardrobe.

Colorful Corals silk bracelet

Spring silk bracelet

Caught Butterfly silk bracelet

All silk scarves in this blog were designed by artist Helen Bellart.

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