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SET Combination of stylish clutch bag & silk bracelet by Helen Bellart

Give a touch of colour to your outfit with awesome accessories and be trendy & stands out from other girls!!! Very important thing is when you wear this set don´t forget to smile ;-) will be irresistible!!!

Choose your set from 8 different beautiful models:

1. Butterfly SET

2. Poppies SET

Multifunctional silk bracelet offers a playful and easy way to accessories and outfit for any occasion: like a business meeting, dinner date or a glamorous night out.

Each silk scarf bracelet is handmade and from the finest 100% Italian silk. It is a delight to a versatile and elegant woman’s wardrobe. Available in 13 different models.

3. Blooming Iris SET

Our fabulous handmade and finely stitched Clutch Bag will add the perfect accent to any outfit! With the vibrant print and the classy silhouette, it'll quickly become your favorite clutch.

4. Tropical girl SET

The print of every clutch bags and silk bracelets was designed by artist Helen Bellart.

5. Exotic woman SET

6. Red Rose SET

7. Venetian mask SET

8. Leopard SET

For more information please visit our online shop

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