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Stylish Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf Belt. Be Trendy & Be Unique!!!

I have a pretty amazing collection of silk scarves and I am constantly looking for new ideas and ways how to wear a beautiful silk scarf as the best complement for many occasions.

And for this reason I want to show you how you can wear and convert your scarf in a wonderful belt and silk bracelet.

Red Rose silk scarf 110x110cm

What I love special about silk scarves is that can add a little extra touch of chic & color and sophistication to an outfit.

Coral silk scarf 110x110cm

Silk scarves are probably the most versatile item and accessory in a woman´s wardrobe.

Blooming cherry tree silk scarf 110x110cm

Timeless multifunctional silk scarf offers a playful and easy way to accessories and outfit for any occasion.

Caribbean woman silk scarf 110x110cm

Tropical girl silk scarf 110x110cm

Venetian mak silk scarf 110x110cm

Are you in search of a delicate silk accessory to shed a new light on your existing wardrobe? Than don´t hesitate and choose one in our online shop

Field of poppies silk scarf 110x110cm

Turn your scarf into a bracelet.

Leopard silk scarf 90x90cm

Pink peony silk scarf 110x110cm

Butterfly silk scarf 110x110cm

Exotic woman silk scarf 110x110cm

Autumn silk scarf 110x110cm

Blooming Iris silk scarf 110x110cm

All silk scarves in this blog were designed by artist Helen Bellart. Online shop

Silk bracelets available with silver or golden ring.

Sop now:

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