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Unique and very original Silk Bracelet by Helen Bellart

I show you in few steps how you can wear and transform a scarf to a amazing fashion bracelet. Be different & be original with new elegant silk scarf bracelet!!!

1. Step

2. Step

3. Step

4. Step

5. Step

6. Step

7. Step

8. Step

Or other option:

9. Step

10. Step

Timeless silk bracelets offers a playful and easy way to accessories and outfit for any occasion: like a business meeting, dinner date or a glamorous night out. Each Helen Bellarts silk scarf bracelet is handmade and from the finest 100% Italian silk. It is a delight to a versatile and elegant woman’s wardrobe.

Choose your bracelet in our online shop!!!

Click here to see a video how to wear a Helen Bellart silk bracelet

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