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New arrival Fall Silk Scarf collection 2016.

My new fall scarves collection made a very strong case for autumn color and I get inspired basically from nature and animal print. The hue of choice here was pink, orange, brown, red, black and white.

Find out which colors and styles work best for you in autumn, and how to pair them with the coolest silk scarves!

Red rose silk scarf 90x90 cm

Red rose silk scarf 45x45 cm

Autumn silk scarf 90x90 cm

All Helen Bellarts silk scarves are made of the most beautiful silk and have unique prints of her artworks, is a must have for scarf lovers due to the high quality finish.

Autumn silk scarf 45x45cm

Get inspired with the best fall fashion tips and outfit ideas from the designer Helen Bellart. Shop the essentials to recreate the looks at home.

Exotic woman silk scarf 90x90 cm

Exotic woman silk scarf 45x45 cm

Helen Bellart online shop

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